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Traquisa born as chemical industry in 1957, specializing in the production of modified oils for the coatings industry (known as painting). It quickly realized that some oils have a very important feature plasticizing. 
Plasticizing means: "Coat papers, documents, textiles, graphics, etc.. with a sheet of plastic material"

From this way, the second business area of Traquisa was born, plasticizers, which are two different applying:

1. Coat the base paint or fix (plasticized) inks.
2. Plasticizing polymers such as PVC.

In the 50s it was the birth of the plastics industry in Spain, Traquisa pioneered in developing products for this sector.

Business Area: modified oils used in.

1. Manufacturing the resins for coatings. We define as a coating to the application of a chemical liquid, which through the drying process produces an adherent hard sheet. If this coating is color paint is called, painting.
2. Manufacturing finished products, to provide viscosity to solutions such as: lacquer, enamel, high solids, and so on.

Business Area: plasticizers used in.

  Plasticizer is  an inert solvent, with low volatility and molecular weight at least 300, which incorporated in a plastic (PVC), increases their flexibility, elasticity and handling.

Performance of plasticizer


Used in:

1. Manufacture of both flexible and rigid PVC.
2. Manufacture of inks.
3. Water paints.
4. Synthetic rubber.
5. Adhesives.

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